Event: Ranking Member Waters, Professor Anat Admati and Professor Jeremy Kress debunked myths about bank capital at Admati’s book event

Americans for Financial Reform, together with Better Markets, welcomed Anat Admati, Professor of Finance and Economics at the Stanford School of Business, together with esteemed panelist, Assistant Professor of Business Law at Michigan Ross, Jeremy Kress, to discuss the recent update to Anat’s co-authored book, The Bankers’ New Clothes: What’s Wrong with Banking and What […]

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Event: Private Equity’s Attacks on Basic Human Needs

Wall Street private equity firms have grown from $1 trillion in 2008 to nearly $4.5 trillion today, exerting enormous influence in critical sectors of the economy. Private equity landlords have led the way in corporate landlords displacing tenants by neglecting properties while raising fees and rents. Private equity ownership in healthcare has led to the […]

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Event: Industry legal challenges to the SEC private funds disclosure rule: What’s at stake

This webinar examines the widespread harm that all businesses and investors would suddenly face if the Securities and Exchange Commission’s broadly accepted requirements for truthful disclosures and rules protecting investors suddenly come into question if the courts serve the SEC with an adverse ruling on a number of ongoing legal cases. In particular, the webinar […]

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Event: Reparations: How to Fund Them & Avoid a Wall Street Takeover

Reparations: How to Fund Them & Avoid a Wall Street Takeover is a fireside chat with Jeremy Bearer-Friend (George Washington University Law) and Alvin Velazquez (SEIU) moderated by Ericka Taylor (Take On Wall Street and Americans for Financial Reform). Bearer-Friend authored a novel proposal for how to pay for reparations. His approach proposes capitalizing a multi-trillion dollar reparations fund with corporate equity in lieu of cash payments.

Join us as Taylor lays out the case for reparations and the current landscape, then learn more about Bearer-Friend’s proposal, followed by Velazquez sharing lessons learned from labor unions’ pension funds experience. Their conversation will then center around how to actually design the governance of the proposed reparations fund to maximize its benefits to its intended beneficiaries and prevent the fund from being co-opted by the financial industry to further its own interests.

The live webinar took place on Thursday, March 7th, 2024

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